per-payday budget

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im gonna start keeping track of my spending on tumblr

for two reasons:

1. the shame of having to disclose to strangers how much money i spend and on what may encourage me to spend less

2. i think people don’t talk about money enough in real life, leaving many young people without any idea what a reasonable budget looks like

i will tag these posts ‘budget’ so feel free to ignore them. im making a master post of my biweekly budget (rent, bills, savings, and groceries) tonight & posting spreadsheets every friday.

please feel free to message me about anything i am v open about finances

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Hannibal + fluidity

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Victo Ngai

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make me chooseavenhers asked: hannibal/will or hannibal/alana

"Do you believe you could change me the way I’ve changed you?"
"I already did."

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what a weird movie

what a weird birthday

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